An all important feature of Mediplus India Limited medical devices is the exceptional flexibility, due to a comprehensive in-house infrastructure – from concept to creation. Our solutions can be conceptualized and offered according to a customer’s unique requirements. We incorporate advanced mechanization and automation into our product assembly processes – to create a made to measure solution. For quality assurance there are two main types of testing/inspection systems – contact and non-contact, and the products we manufacture determine which one to use. These systems enable to check the dimensions, presence, position of parts etc.

For non-contact inspection latest vision systems have been integrated into the assembly processes for performing high speed visual quality checks. These solutions comprise most modern camera, lighting and software to precisely analyze the captured image. Our automation systems achieve complete visibility into the automatic processes data and analyze the productivity thereof, with the active involvement of latest PLC’s connected to process – data capture systems through centralized servers. Our modern machines are highly efficient and we continually ensure they stay that way. Mediplus India Limited has extensive experience in validation of processes – right down to compliance with the stringent demands of the latest global regulatory requirements.