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State-of-the-art design innovation endowed Safety I.V Cannula, Three Way Stop Cock, I.V. Cannula, Extension Tube, Needle Free Valves, Injection Stopper, Male Female Luer Lock etc. are our priority product strength.

Access our website to scroll through our extensive line of products. A quick brochure download enables you to zero in on your desired products post. Feel free to shoot an email to: sales@mediplusindialtd.com or send an enquiry via the website.

More secure fixation with Screw on Locking Collar on a Luer Tip makes the 6% Taper equipped Luer Lock a better choice than the Luer Mount Syringe with the Push fit slip tip attachment.

Exceptional engineering designs aside, Mediplus India Ltd is committed to zero radioactive leakage promise, carbon content regulation, and industrial waste treatment keeping in line to international standards.

Each product from our line up goes through intense physical, chemical, and biological tests before making avail to the customer. Our disposable products are entirely sterile and ready to use.

Professional Questions

Products once dispatched from Mediplus India Ltd. remain sterile as long as the package is intact. We provide you with an extended shelf life of up to 5 years from date of manufacture.

The industry standard triple bevel cut needles accounts for painless venipuncture and the Catheter offers minimal resistance during insertion.

A range of specialised Safety I.V Cannula with differentiated parameters gives you several options to choose from as per patient requirement and medical setting.  Both winged and wingless Pluscan Aplha Safe, Plusflon Safe, Plusclip Alpha Safe, Plusclip Safe Safety I.V. Cannula are available for delivery-to-order options.

As it stands today, Mediplus India Ltd. has been in the field of innovative engineering since 1995. Our cutting-edge technology has pushed us to get recognised as the leading Catheter manufacturer in India.

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