How Do Medical Safety Devices Benefit the Indian Healthcare Industry?

A report by India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) suggests that the healthcare market in India is expected to reach US$ 372 billion by 2022. A consistent rise in healthcare diseases, purchasing power of Indians, and access to insurance are the prominent drivers of the growth of the healthcare industry. Top healthcare providers, such as hospitals, are also pushing the demand for healthcare services by continuously upgrading their infrastructure, quality of care, and medical devices and technology.

There has been an impressive improvement in the quality of the medical devices of late, particularly when it comes to safety I.V. Cannula, I.V. Cannula, Three Way Stop Cock, Three Way Stop Cock with Extension Tube, Extension Line, Injection Stopper, etc. These modern safety devices are designed to be more practical, user-friendly, and cost-effective. And they benefit the patients as well as the healthcare providers.


Some of the medical safety devices that are successfully redefining the healthcare paradigm in India include: 

● Safety I.V. Cannulas
I.V. Cannulas
● Three Way Stop Cock
● Three Way Stop Cock with Extension Tube
● Extension Line
● Injection Stopper
● Medical Accessories
● Pressure Monitoring Line
● Unidirectional Valve
● Bi-Directional Valve

Safety I.V. Catheter with an injection port and wings, for example, significantly reduces the chances of a healthcare worker like a nurse getting injured by a needle stick. Patients, on the other hand, also experience lesser pain and discomfort. Now, this benefit might sound rather insignificant; however, if you look at the size of the healthcare industry in India and that we have millions of healthcare workers working in the industry, the simple innovation like a safety I.V. Catheter ensures a better experience for the nurses, doctors, staff, and the patients. Just think about all the infections healthcare workers could get just because of injuries from needle sticks!

At Mediplus India Limited, we have both Safety I.V. Cannulas and I.V. Cannulas. PlusFlon Safe, PlusClip Alpha Safe, PlusClip Safe, PlusClip, PlusVein, PlusCan, PlusNeo, and PlusPen are some of our offerings under I.V. Cannula and Safety I.V. Cannula categories of products. Three Way Stop Cock is also a very advantageous medical safety product that is built to be fully transparent and is made from a medical grade biocompatible polycarbonate that ensures clear visualisation of flow of fluids. In medical accessories, we provide our customers with high-quality male/female luer lock, and luer lock. The male/female luer lock is an ideal choice for emergency / operating rooms since it saves time and efforts required to identify male and female stoppers.

At Mediplus India Limited, we are truly committed to transform the Indian healthcare industry by equipping it with a wide range of medical safety products which are user-friendly and affordable. We have our in-house manufacturing plant and an R&D centre that ensures that we manufacture the best-in-class safety products that conform to the industry standards. To know more about us and our range of products and how we could help your business and improve the productivity and safety of your healthcare staff, please contact us.

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