Pressure Monitoring Line

Pressure Monitoring LinePressure monitoring line is to be used to connect any infusion or transfusion devices in order to allow for attachment with any special or general purpose medical device. Pressure monitoring line to be used as an extension line to other pressure monitoring device.
Key Features:

    • High quality kink-resistant tubing with smooth inner surfaces for laminar, non-turbulent flow


Effective Tube Length 5cm – 250cm
Tube O.D. 2.8 mm
Tube I.D. 1.2 mm

Packing Details:

  • Outer Carton: 300 Unit (5 to 50 cm)
  • Outer Carton: 250 Unit (75 to 100 cm)
  • Outer Carton: 200 Unit (125 to 250 cm)
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