Oxygen Mask

Oxygen Mask Therapy

Oxygen therapy is used to breath to inhale oxygen as per recommendation by quality doctor or paramedic staff. It can be done in the health care facilities or at home as well based on circumstances and recommendation.

The duration of oxygen therapy is advised by the doctor itself. There are different type of oxygen therapy available in the market. The oxygen can be procure by oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator. At part from oxygen cylinder or oxygen concentrator, oxygen face mask or nose tube cannula is required to inhale the oxygen in the body.

Here, we at Mediplus India Limited help you to provide one of the best quality oxygen facemask. We have two types of oxygen face mask, a). Medi-Oxy Mask and b). High concentration oxygen mask, both the mask have child or adult sizes available and tubing length 200cm so that you can use it comfortably.

Medi-Oxy Mask is multichannel and kink resistant tube for convenient oxygen therapy to the patients…

High concentration oxygen mask is design for soft & transparent mask for patient comfort and visibility…

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