Urine Bag Collection

The Department of Urology is dedicated to providing public medical and surgical care in all aspects of a pediatric fortune and urology. Urology provides the latest screening, staging and treatment for all urogenital including kidney, ureter, bladder and prostate, as well as treatment for benign conditions such as BPH, stones, incontinence, infertility and impotence. Urology has a full range of facilities to provide comprehensive services in the management of urological conditions.

Mediplus India Limited is always make sure the checking for Safety of product on regular basis, At Mediplus India Ltd. you can found the world class equipment services & quality; We are always committed to delivering quality product and that eventually becomes the key differentiator in any market.

Mediplus India Ltd. are known for their Quality Products, On-Time-Delivery, and value for money. Urine collection bag such as Uroplus, Uroplus+ & Plusmeter are provided by Mediplus India Limited.

Mediplus India Ltd. offers a complete range of adult urine collection bags, Uroplus+™…

We provide patients with, high quality urine collection bags which are easy to use and comfortable for their daily activities…

Mediplus India Ltd. offers high quality medical grade PVC sheet one side clear with opaque base for clear visibility….

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