Mediplus India Ltd infrastructure is thoughtfully built. Our comprehensive in-house infrastructure enables us to create our medical devices from the initial stages of conceptualization to the manufacturing of the final product. We provide our customers the opportunity to flexibly modify our solutions as per their requirement. This enables us in providing excellent services to our customers.
To ensure that we provide our customers with the best quality, we have two main types of testing/inspection systems – contact and non-contact. With the presence of these systems, we are able to keep a constant check on the dimensions, availability and position of parts among others.
We constantly enhance our technology and equipment’s. To enable high-speed visual quality checks, we have integrated non-contact inspection latest vision systems. Each of our solution is comprised from modern camera, lighting and software to precisely analyze the captured image. The automation systems that we use show complete visibility into the automatic processes data. Afterwards, these systems even analyze the productivity.
Mediplus India Ltd infrastructure has a range of modern machines which are highly efficient with technology and experience at our hands, we are able to meet our customers’ needs apparently.