Welcome to Mediplus India LTD.

Mediplus has been manufacturing I.V. Cannulas along with other medical products
which has been caring and saving the human life from almost every ill effect medically.
Mediplus India Ltd is in business since 1995 and has set a benchmark in its field.



We are known for our trust factor when it comes to the quality of our products. The quality assurance standards are stipulated and set as per procedures. We deal in customer satisfaction and the performance of our products at a top notch level to give us the platform we need. The ISO certification helps us to stay rooted and develop our products with utmost precision.

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We have our own manufacturing facility at Bahadurgarh which is situated in Haryana and is known for the industrialization. This location has an advantage of transport for goods and services thereby making the production and delivery smooth sailing. Such services make the production and quality of products work in the favor of the company and end users. Timely delivery of goods in the market is our forte.

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R&D Facilities

We have our systems in place which gives our products that top quality. The latest CAD systems help to keep this at bay. The team of engineers helps in all aspects to make the product more robust and gives a great product development.
We also have almost all our work listed on our website along with pictures to make our work speak for itself. You may visit our website and get all the information required and contact us for any product related requirements.

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