Automation – Mediplus India Limited



We ensure that the products manufactured are of top quality. This is done using the assembly machines that are semi-automatic in nature giving a cutting edge technology while manufacturing the products. They are also manufactured using the end to end automated assembly lines thereby making the below products with ease.

Our Class 10,000 Cleanrooms device assembly areas comprise sophisticated end-to-end Integrated Fully Automatic Assembly Lines. Our Assembly Automation Systems are built to maximize reliability, maintainability, and sustainability.

We have the technological base to efficiently ramp up automation resources to meet aggressive timelines. Each of the medical devices is diligently blistering or pouch packed and cartooned for in-house-ETO sterilization. We assemble and produce around 700,000 (Seven Hundred Thousand) Single-Use Medical devices every day.

These machines are thoroughly refined and continuously validated for continual optimum performances. For achieving best in class, we have years of experience embracing automation in our advanced production facilities, wherein we have built an extensive array of assembly technologies that work best to sustain the competition.


Our Class 100,000 Controlled Areas Injection Moulding sections are equipped with the most modern All-Electric Injection Moulding Machines from FANUC and TOSHIBA JAPAN, wherein the plastic granules are conveyed through automatic dehumidifying systems from Mitsui Japan etc.

Necessary automatic robotic arms are used for some intricate moulded components demoulding. We injection mould around 4,000,000 (Four Million) low to high volume micro-precision engineering medical plastic components every day.