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Plusflon Safe®

Plusflon Safe®

Safety I.V. Catheter with injection port and wings is designed with a Passive full automatic safety feature which covers the needle completely after use, hence ensuring the safety of healthcare workers against needle stick injuries. The click sound ensures the safety systems is in place and it cannot bypassed.

Key Features:

  1. Passive full automatic Safety System which cannot be bypassed.
  2. Universal triple beveled back cut needle, which offer lower resistance during insertion, resulting in minimum trauma.
  3. Injection Port with non-return valve stops backflow of medicine after injection.
  4. Catheter tip is designed for a smooth cannulation experience, Radiopaque Stripes are also present for easy detection of catheter presence under X-Ray.
  5. Gauge wise color coded port cap as per international standards.
  6. Quick Flash back confirm successful cannulation.
  7. Universal 6% taper for compatibility with any other standard medical device.

Patient Population:

  • All age group.
  • 22G-24G for Child, 14G-20G for Adult.