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Pluski 1®

Pluski 1®

I.V. Catheter without injection port with very small wings is designed especially for soft and small vein cannulation of neonates.  Pluski 1 can be used for pediatrics also.

Key Features:

  1. Universal triple beveled back cut needle, which offer lower resistance during insertion, resulting in minimum trauma.
  2. Catheter tip is designed for a smooth cannulation experience, Radiopaque Stripes are also present for easy detection of catheter presence under X-Ray.
  3. Quick Flash back confirm successful cannulation.
  4. Gauge wise color coded Body as per international standards.
  5. Universal 6% taper for compatibility with any other standard medical device.

Patient Population:

  • All age group.
  • 26G for Neonatal, 22G-24G for Child