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Disposable Infusion Set with Airvent

Disposable Infusion Set with Airvent

It is an infusion set that is used to administer intravenous therapy, wherein a liquid substance is delivered directly into the patients’ vein. It provides medical personnel with a brisk and effective means to deliver fluids and medication during medical conditions such as dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, specialized medication delivery. However, the type of administration depends upon the rate and type of infusion, and the kind of solution container used. An IV Infusion Set should always be tailored to the patient and the planned treatment procedure.


IV Infusion Set

Intravenous Infusion Set (IV Set) is the fastest mode to infuse medication or replace fluids throughout the body from sterile glass vacuum IV bags or bottles.

  • 1. IV Set is useful for intravenous therapy. Due to this reason, it has got a number of advantages.
  • 2. It is the fastest way to deliver the medication and fluid replacement.
  • 3. The mode of infusion therapy can be bolus, drip, or extended infusion.
  • 4. It allows the infusion of additional medications through the injection site of the IV Set. In other words, multiple medications are possible.
  • 5. It is suitable for the patient who can’t take the medications and nutrients from the mouth.