Nebplus™ – Mediplus India Limited



We all are aware that respiratory problem has become common among the human beings. There are several reason for the same. Kids are majorly offered with this issue and treating them also a very challenging task.

Nebulizer mask help to convert the liquid medication into the mist which can be inhale easily. In this form medicine get into their lungs to help them in comfortable breathing.

We at Mediplus India Limited, understand the need of the time for a effective solution of the above. So, we are providing specially design nebulizer mask for child as well as adult.

We continually working to understand the ever changing requirements of health care sector and providing the best solution for the same.

Key Features:

  1. Kink Resistance
  2. Two different sizes – Child/Adult
  3. 200cm tubing lenght
  4. Star Lumen & Anti Crush Tube
  5. Consistent performance in both upright and sleeping position
  6. Optimal particles size provided at efficient nebulization rate